Invisalign Treatment in Airdrie Ab Can Subtly Transform Your Smile

If you’re interested in updating the look of your smile, Invisalign offers a modern alternative to traditional braces with clear, removable aligners that can gradually straighten teeth and correct a series of minor bite issues.

At South Point Dental in Airdrie, we've seen the transformative effects of Invisalign treatment time and time again, and we'd love to help you determine if this is the ideal orthodontic system for you!

What's involved with Invisalign treatment?

The first step is to contact us, for Invisalign in Airdrie, AB consultation. During this appointment, we'll assess the health of your teeth and gums and if you’re determined to be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment and would like to proceed, we’ll take X-rays, photos, and dental impressions of your teeth in order to create a personalized Invisalign treatment plan. This information will be used to create a series of custom-made Invisalign aligners.

Once your aligners have been created, we’ll schedule an appointment to walk you through the care steps involved with the treatment of Invisalign in Airdrie, AB and provide you with your first aligner. You'll visit us to receive a new aligner every few weeks until your treatment is complete.

What kinds of dental issues can Invisalign address?

Invisalign can be used to treat a variety of issues, including varying levels of crowding, spacing, and misalignment.

Is everyone a candidate for Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign is suitable for both adults and teenagers. However, because the aligners are removable, patients should be committed to wearing them for 20-22 hours each day to facilitate a successful orthodontic experience. It's also important to note that patients with active decay, periodontal disease, or certain bite disorders may not be ideal candidates for Invisalign in Airdrie AB.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Many people can expect to wear Invisalign for about 12 months.  However, treatment time may be shorter or longer depending on your unique smile.

To find out if Invisalign in Airdrie, AB is right for you, schedule a consultation with us at South Point Dental in Airdrie today!

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